Cover Version Of The Week

A classic cover of a classic, classic track!

As a massive fan of Reggae and Dub, and the original by Augustus Pablo being one of my all time favorite Reggae/Dub tracks, this cover version was on my wants list for ages. In 1993 I went up to Glasgow and DJ’d for the Soundclash boys (Andy & ?- really sorry, can’t remember your name). They gave me this as a present and I’ve treasured it ever since.

Download Here- Baby I Love You So by Colourbox

Colourbox – Baby I Love You So (1986) Label- 4AD

Can anyone spot the spelling mistake on the label image?

I’ll also add the original soon.


5 responses to “Cover Version Of The Week

  1. I have the record sir.
    Love ‘We’re shy one horse’ as well.



  2. Richard Whittingham


  3. Herbman Hervé

    Horace Swaby not Schwaby ? Did I win something ?

    • Richard Whittingham

      Correct Herve´. Let me have your address (via email, not this blog) and I’ll send you a vintage Different Drummer T-shirt.

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