Lets Go Back, Way Back, Back Into Time…

My DJ career started way back in 1980 at a club called the Rum Runner. The club was situated on Broad Street – not the Broad Street we know today. Back then there were a couple of pubs, a cafe, a curry house and Lee Longlands.

On my 40someting birthday I was working at Leftfoot, a night Adam Regan and I ran on a monthly basis at the Custard Factory. I was approched by Mark ‘Mack’ McDonald, an old friend from the Rum Runner days, he passed me a package and wished me a happy birthday. I opened it and it was a recording of me DJ’ing at the Rum Runner in 1983, I did not know this recording existed.

So, for your listening pleasure…and entertainment is that recording to download for the first time ever.

Rick P. Jones (of Swans Way) & A 21 year old DJDick @ the Rum Runner 1982. Photo by Mike Horseman.

DJDick Rum Runner Live Mix Part 1

DJDick Rum Runner Live Mix Part 2

Download ’em here & here

A few links:

Rum Runner Face Book

Rum Runner Blog (needs updating)

Fashion Music (a favorite Birmingham band of mine from the late 70’s early 80’s)

Swans Way


11 responses to “Lets Go Back, Way Back, Back Into Time…

  1. Herbman Hervé

    Two words : leather hat.

  2. Richard Whittingham

    …and leather pants!

  3. Herbman Hervé

    Shazaming my way through part 1 right now. Loving Extra T’s! Thank you for this, Dick. Pure bliss!

  4. he was wearing a nappy when he recorded this…weird 80’s thing.
    How are you Herbman? When are you coming to see us?

  5. Copycatfollowfashionndropoffconkatree

    Eaaaaassssyyyyy My Son…..Looking good..

  6. Wow ..The Rum Runner Mix is amazing … by the way thanks for all the times you sneaked one or all of us in

  7. lovely stuff. do you remember the cum club? i was involved in a one off revival night with gay john recently as part an art residency for trevor pitt.

  8. Hello long lost DJ Dick, it’s your old friend Jeremy Green in Los Angeles here. I hope all is well with you?

    I’m still in LA with a lovely wife & new 8 month old baby girl, Emma…

    Go take a look at the RR page Mandy Berrow put together on FB https://www.facebook.com/therumrunnerclub

    All the breast,

    • Richard Whittingham

      Hey Jeremy, bloody hell it’s been a long time!
      Everything is fine here. Looks like life is sweet with you too?

      I’m DJ’ing at Only After Dark, a Rum Runner/8os ting at the end of the month – still having a go!


      • Yes, I heard you were doing OAD, I’ve asked a couple of people to say hi to you from me but they never got to see you for some reason.

        I’ve found a few old & some new friends on Facebook Rum Runner pages & groups. Mandy Barrow put a page together, she goes by Ava Wolf these days & is still in the music biz https://www.facebook.com/therumrunnerclub

        Things are quite lovely here in Los Angeles thank you. Got married & years ago & we had a baby girl 9 months ago, Emma. She is great!!!

        All the breast,

  9. Guess I should have looked at my first post as I repeated myself, it must be my age, bloody hell…

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