Two Wheel Love.

I remember my first bike so well – Christmas day, late 60’s, my twin sister and I get his and hers Raleigh bikes. Claret and Blue colour scheme (had to be), white seats, white grips and white rubber tyres. I loved that bike, until I trashed it running into the side of a car pulling out of a driveway – buckled the front wheel, bent the handlebars and took all the skin off my knuckles and saw double for a few hours after. The dude driving only cared for his car!

For the next few years I went through a few nondescript bikes – one of them I took apart, extended the front forks, sprayed it silver, put a red Banana Seat on it and some outrageous Ape Hanger handlebars- it got half-inched out of the back garden.

My first road bike was a hand-me-down from my older brother, a olive green Dawes – man did that bike shift. That was half-inched (pinched) too, outside Easy Listening record shop in Acocks Green in the late 70’s. Man I was upset! The only upside to this is that I was probably in possession of some killa Punk/New Wave 7 inch singles.

Then in the mid 80’s I sold my car, partly to fund a band I was managing, called Somerville and bought a Specialized Rockhopper Mountain Bike, which I still have.

I’m now the proud owner of a beautiful Columbus Woodrup (photos posted soon) thanks to Jon-Paul and Gavin.

Check these two amazing films – completely different ends of the biking spectrum, but both very cool. Oh yeh, watch out for the poor dog in the first film.

Can’t remember were I first found the above film.

Found: Spinwell + more info

And of course, the best track ever written about cycling….


‘Tour De France’ (Francois Kevorkian Remix) by Kraftwerk (EMI 1983)

Download Here.


2 responses to “Two Wheel Love.

  1. that mountain bike race is completely insane, and that dog… poor thing.

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