My heart goes out to the people of Japan.

I Licensed a couple of Mighty Math tracks to this Japanese compilation back in the days of Different Drummer. Here are the sleeve notes:

If you go to the Tsujido Kaigan Beach during Japan’s rainy season in June, you’ll come across a group of guys in their rain coats digging holes, constructing terrace decks, pitching huge 10 meter Geotech domes, and pulling in a big gray FRP container that looks like something you might find in a Stanley Kubrick movie. This enthusiastic and hard-working group are the members of Tripster, preparing for another summer of fun and music at the Sputnik Beach Cafe – a place where creative and free spirits meet in an environment where art, music, food and fun-loving people rule.

After making new friends from all over the globe and being greatly influenced from the experiences of their travels, Tripster came back to Japan with a desire to create a place where people could meet one another regardless of their nationality, background, occupation, or generation. One of the greatest things about traveling is meeting people of different languages or lifestyles and learning about their culture, not only through their stories but also by actually experiencing it with our own eyes and ears. Traveling grants us the opportunity to do this, but even within our homeland, there are many people of various backgrounds doing something interesting and unique. If they just had a common gathering place, they could expand their minds right here at home without stepping outside the country.

Eager to create this common place, Tripster chose to build a beach house. With the collaboration of Tokyo’s furniture and design company “IDEE”, the beach house was created in 1999 and given the name “Sputnik”, after the world’s first satellite launched by the former Soviet Union in 1957.

The Sputnik Beach Cafe is located right on the Pacific Ocean and offers a unique chill out atmosphere with the Fuller dome restaurant, sputnik-bar, bunch of hammocks, two massive skate ramps, and live music or a DJ playing each day well into the night. This environment is quite eclectic with spectacular performances of different genres such as House, Rock, Techno, Jazz, Reggae, and Ambient happening every weekend. Being an ideal getaway from the busy Tokyo lifestyle, people come from all over to spend their summer days surfing, skateboarding, sunbathing, or just chatting away with friends on the hammocks. After sunset, they drink the night away under the ocean breeze with cocktails and live music.

This album, Travelling Without Moving, is a compilation of music which inspired the Sputnik Beach Cafe. This is also the music that had been commonly played by the DJs or even performed live by musicians during the past three summers there. We hope you’ll listen to this music and relax at home or in your car, and be reminded of your summer memories.

‘Quark Sparking’ by Mighty Math (Different Drummer/Technoflux 2001)

Download Here.

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I’ve tried checking whether Tsujido Kaigan Beach has been affected by the disaster, but it’s hard to tell on the online maps. I think it is far enough south to have missed the major devastation.


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