Photos by Mike Horseman.

A great 3 years of my DJ career, but I think the photos say it all, don’t you?

DJDick live at Breathless October 1991,

Download Here.

Oh yeh, can anyone spot the famous fashion designer, or should I say disgraced (allegedly) fashion designer?


17 responses to “Breathless

  1. one more ?

  2. John galliano,bottom right of the 2nd photo,wearing a beret?

  3. Sorry,last didn’t update properly..

  4. I kept my promise you gave me a tape of that set for Stuart’s Birthday, but you made me promise I wouldn’t make any copies !! I did one and have played it over ever since !

    • Richard Whittingham

      Hey Ean, Glad to hear it! I’m sure you are in the second photo, far left peeking through the fog?

  5. Steve Bignell

    Quality mate. Very good times indeed.

  6. great to see you too, both would be… les balles du chien !
    i still have the first birthday party cassette, but after so many plays the tape has streeeeetched 😦

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  8. Shame I was workin behind the bar…still, I had great music to listen to. Breathless, Scirocco…

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  10. I just listened to this in it’s entirety. It took me right back. Thanks for posting Dubble Decks!

  11. Simon gilchreest

    Ive only just come across this page richard so I dont know if this is still working or not. But it would be very very much appreciated if I could get some ( links, info ) as to dj dick events in near future. 🙂

    • Richard Whittingham

      Hi Simon, firstly, apologies for the very slow response to your comments. I’m living in Sicily at the moment and have been for the last couple of years, but I’m coming back to Brum sometime in June. I don’t get access to the Internet very often whilst in up in the hills…anyway, thanks for all the comments and when I’m back I’ll sort a few dl’s for you. I heard today that I will be DJ’ing at the Adrian Sherwood gig @ the Hare & Hounds Kings Heath on the 2nd Sept.

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