DJ’ing Can Seriously Damage Your Health

In May 1996, Kruder & Dorfmeister invited Rockers Hi Fi (Glyn ‘Bigga’ Bush, Farda P, DJDick) over to Vienna for a couple of DJ gigs. I wasn’t to know that this particular weekend would be the worst weekend of my life. The trip started off as normal – Birmingham International Airport to Flughafen Wein (Vienna Airport). It all started to go wrong whilst waiting in baggage claim, yes you guessed it, our records didn’t turn up and they never turned up for the first show, so we had to rummage through Richard Dorfmeister’s  record collection and scrape a set together – it was an uncomfortable couple of hours behind the decks. The following morning we get the news that our records had been found and were waiting for us in the hotel lobby. Great news? I’m afraid not, only one of mine, out of four boxes turned up. Then I get a message to call my wife in Birmingham, she breaks the news to me that our dog, Lad, had passed away. My shadow had shuffled off this mortal coil.

Lad 1982-1996

I decided to fly home to be with my wife and to bury Lad. Glyn and Farda P took my record box to the next gig – another painful two hours behind the decks.

Four days later KLM delivered the remaining three record boxes, unfortunately mine turned up like this……

Amazingly, only five or six records were unplayable, unfortunately, one of those was one of my favourite Drum & Bass tracks….


5 responses to “DJ’ing Can Seriously Damage Your Health

  1. Glenn Williams

    beautiful photo of Lad. Just wanted to say thanks for making 96 a truely amazing year for me. xxx glenn

    • Richard Whittingham

      Hey Glenn, good to hear from you. I hope ya well.
      What you up to?
      Those years on the road will always be fond memories for me.

      • glenn williams

        Hi mate. I often pop here to see whst you’re up to. Hope all in your life is going as well as that impressive beard of yours! Lol yes i saw the photo of you and my bro at mosley. Very impressive. Wish i had been there to see you and have a chat.

        Life is ticking along. Can you believe this last week was the tenth year anniversary since Lindsay passed away. Still weighs heavy on me.

        Ive been doing lots of dull software development, keeps me busy and pays the bills but my hearts not in it. Been having the need to start writing again so thats good. Music and words. The only things ive written in all that time has been parts of the book about dealing with her death. Some of which is online. I will send u a link though i haven’t added anything in a year.

        Have just set things up so i can start writing some music again. Its taken a long time for me to start wanting to again. When she died i kind of lost that too.

        Ive restarted my book of short stories too after not looking at it for such a long time. Been enjoying that.

        So yes. Im on the mend it seems.

        As you know from shan its been a tough few years for the family with my brothers illness and mom having the heart attack. If anything those things have kind of snapped me out of myself and made me sit up and start the coggs turning.

        Hope life with you is good. Would be nice to catch up.

        Talk soon i hope.



  2. Heres a link to one of those pages mate.

  3. Heres the other.
    Feel free to remove these comments if you want mate. I know most people dont like links on their pages. Lovely to hear from you it really is. Much love as always. X. g.

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