Hip House

Hip house, also known as house rap, is a musical genre that mixes elements of house music and hip-hop. The style rose to prominence during the 1980s in New York and Chicago.[1] However, in the UK, the first officially credited hip house track was 1987’s Rok Da House by UK producers the Beatmasters featuring British female emcees the Cookie Crew.

Minor controversy ensued in 1989 when a U.S. record called “Turn Up The Bass” by Tyree Cooper featuring Kool Rock Steady claimed it was the “first hip house record on vinyl.” The Beatmasters disputed this, pointing out that “Rok da House” had originally been written and pressed to vinyl in 1986. The outfit responded by releasing “Who’s in the House?” featuring British emcee Merlin, containing the dis “Watch Out, Tyree—we come faster, this is the sound of the true Beatmasters”. More claims to the hip-house crown were subsequently laid down in tracks by Fast EddieRob Base and DJ E-Z Rock, and Toni Scott.

As more and more R&B and Rap stars turn to the annoying David Guetta for a cheesey house makeover, I thought I’d pull out a few Hip House tracks that mowed my lawn back in the day….in fact most of them have stood the test of time (now there’s a subject to be covered on this blog – watch this space).

First up….

‘For Those Who Like To Groove’ by Twin Hype (Profile 1989)

Download Here.

Hip House Wikipedia.


2 responses to “Hip House

  1. What about ‘Do It To The Crowd’ by Twin Hype? I have this on vinyl bought when I was 17…

  2. Richard Whittingham

    Hi Jon, not a bad track. I don’t think I have it in the collection.

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