Choon #8

‘Mr Loverman’ (New World Mix) by Shabba Ranks (Epic 1992)

Download Here.

I absolutely love this track, with its mix of Reggae/House sensibility, and David Morales on remix duties, who, incidentally, was on fire when it came to remixing around this period, and its tempo of 87 BPM, it’s a piece of black magic plastic…and perfect to kick-off a set with. As  I mentioned in a previous post, I think this tune stands the test of time, and wouldn’t sound out of place in Gatecrasher or the Boiler Room right now!


3 responses to “Choon #8

  1. Sam Redmore

    Like this a lot Dick. Looking forward to giving it a spin at Freestyle this Friday – I’ll let you know how it goes down!

  2. HI Dick , DL expired on this (and the MK track) , any chance of posting to Soundcloud ? I’m putting something together for Jo’s 40th (Tibbins) and both would fit the bill perfectly. …… Ta very much

    • Richard Whittingham

      Hi Chris,

      I’m not going to put them back up, but I’ll get them to you some how – if its not too late, that is?

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