Fellow Brummie

I love a good book, but these days I find it hard to find the time to read one. It’s usually in bed, and then I can only manage a couple of pages before the eyes are rollin! Anyway, thanks to a recommendation from Adam Regan, I took this one on holiday and finished it, and its a great read – set in and around Moseley, a suburb of my beloved Brum, and written by a fellow Brummie, Charlie Hill.

Interview with Charlie Hill

Techno is the soundtrack to this story, and our adopted fellow Brummie, Anthony ‘Surgeon‘ Child gets a mention too.

Atol by Surgeon (Downwards 1995)


2 responses to “Fellow Brummie

  1. blimey Richard, that’s very kind of you. it’s great to have such an enthusiastic response from a Brummie reader and techno fan. (i’m going to nick that gospel tune, too…)

    • Richard Whittingham

      Hi Charlie,

      Its my pleasure! I’m sure our paths have crossed in the past. And I’m sure you have written about clubs I’ve been involved in in the past – Leftfoot being one. Maybe Different Drummer too?
      Anymore books on the horizon?

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