The History Of Riots and Disco Demolition

Well, the last week has certainly thrown up some interesting questions and debate, from both sides. This is one of them…

And this is another…

All this got me thinking about the riots that I, a 50-years-young man, have lived through in this country, and the rest of the world, and it’s quite a few. Rewind further, and this country has been rioting since the fourteenth century, and Birmingham England was notorious for riots since the early 1700s.

Whilst looking up this information a particular riot caught my eye – the Disco Demolition Night of 1979 in Chicago Illinois. I must stress that I don’t condone rioting or violence of any kind, but this particular riot put a smile on my face.

Disco sucks? Not in my book!

Disco Energy (II) by Universal Energy (Harvest 1977)

Download Here.


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