No Competition

Whilst surfing the Interweb, the other day, trying to track down a copy of this record, I came across this blog post and couldn’t agree more with what was said. In fact I thought it only right that I shout about it too….

Sennheiser HD-25I’ve had my trusty Sennheisers since 1992. I’ve taken them around the World for numberous DJ bookings, used them in the studio and only had to change the lead once and the ear pads twice, but the most important part of these headphones is, the sound. They sound  great! Unlike…

Beats by DreWhy do I see so many people wearing these? I don’t think they look particularly pleasing to the eye and they certainly ain’t pleasing to the ear – it’s a funny old thing, fashion. Don’t you agree?




2 responses to “No Competition

  1. You are wrong about them not being pleasing to the eye but right about them being unpleasing to the ear. The quality of sound in comparison to the cost is astoundingly bad. So many other headphones that are half the price are more than 3 times as good, but they don’t have an advertisement with Will-I-Am now do they? You should go more in-depth next time, I would have liked to hear some reasons for your argument.

    • Richard Whittingham

      Hi Owyn,
      Thanks for the comment.

      It’s all a matter of opinion – They either look good or they don’t, and after listening to numerous sets of headphones – my wife asked for Headphones for Christmas- I came right back to the trusty Sennheisers – a crisp clear sound, which was enhanced by the noise cancelling quality of the HD-25s. Where as the Beats headphones were very bass heavy (overly so) and a muffled sound.

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