Mala in Brum

I DJ’d a couple of Fridays ago…

DJ Dick

At this….


And dropped these two gems….


Fade Away by Junior Byles (Well Charged 1975)

Download Fade Away (for a limited period only)


By His Deeds by VC (Dig Dis Records 2000)

Download By His Deeds (for a limited period only)

Was I sending out a message from the 1’s & 2’s?

Photo of me by Adam Regan

I really liked what Mala played throughout the night.


2 responses to “Mala in Brum

  1. Hello Dick! Lovely picture of you and fantastic music indeed, especially the Junior Byles one. Sorry for late answer! I’m doing fine, thanks, mostly busy in getting old and listening to getting-old music. I indulge myself doing some mixtapes and posting them on Soundcloud. This one is probably the most “sincere” of the lot : – Give it a listen! Was quite nicely surprised lately as some nice dude called DJ Sundae (check his mix on Test Pressing as Laurent Richard : beautiful) running a small label called Hollie Records ( liked one of these (This one : and asked me for one to stream as an Hollie ongoing mix serie. This is all very small and modest thing obviously : Bit nerdy but cool anyway, isn’t it? Hope you’re doing fantastic. Cheers, H.

  2. Two top tunes Dick! Cheers for the link to the blog too! Pete

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