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Every Way But Loose

DJ’d at this on Friday night with my pals Adam Regan and Rhys Adams. I dropped this little beauty, which always gets a good response whenever I play it. It’s funny that when I purchased this record, I was DJ’ing at the Rum Runner playing New Romantic/Electronic music, but I always picked up on certain tracks that got played at the Disco, Funk and Soul night at the club.


Every Way But Loose (Mixed by Larry Levan) by Plunky and the Oneness of Juju (Sutra Records 1982)

Download Every Way But Loose (for a limited period only)


Mr. Scruff X DJ Dick

Back behind the Ones & Twos with the lovely Mr. Scruff…


You’ll most likely here this..

On The One’s & Two’s


Kenny Dope. Rainbow. Leftfoot

Have You Heard The One About….

“We will do for Dance music what Saturday Night Fever did for Disco.”

Caricature by Andrew Oakley. (found)

Someone please tell me that This & This is a  joke, right?