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Italo House Tune #6 and A Deep Dark Pit

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve not long climbed out of a long illness – Boxing Day ’til the end of January. I’ve never been so ill for so long. It all started with a cold, but got progressively worse, to the point were I couldn’t even drink water. I lost interest in everything and found it very hard to get out of bed – real weird head-messing stuff.  I’m not one for going to the doctors, and would rather try to cure myself, but I succumbed, unfortunately. The doctor couldn’t explain the problem, but diagnosed Bronchitis. As Steve Cobby said – ‘Proper Bucking Broncho’ (try saying that when you’ve had a few).  It took until the end of February to feel 100%, so Christmas/New Year passed me by. I was also booked to DJ at this…

HSOB 2013

but I had to cancel, which was a bummer, as I was really looking forward to playing with a load of Brummie DJ pals and spinning a Breathless/Snobs set, with a few fresh platters thrown in. I started digging-in-the-crates early December, so that I was sort of prepared with a loose set of gems, and whilst diggin’ I unearthed this great moody Italo House track, which still hits the mark for me….


Indeep (New Remix) by Voice Of The Underground (Disco Magic 1992)

Download Indeep (New Remix) (for a limited period only)


Italo House Choon #5

Big, big tune at Breathless….

Soft House Company

What You Need… by Soft House Company (Irma Records 1990)

Download What You Need… (For a limited period only)

Italo House Choon #3

Venere by Omniverse (Antima Records 1991)

Download Here (for a limited period only)

There was a lot of cheese coming out of Italia around this period (my record collection can vouch for this) but certain Italian producers were more than able to hold their own and produce cuts of sublime deepness.

Italo House Choon #2

‘Time’ by K- F.M. (Italian Style Production 1992)

Download Here.

And they sampled….

‘Body Music’ by The Strikers (Epic 1981)

Download Here.

I love the whole sampling culture that has been around since time immemorial (it seems). To think that the two tracks above were recorded 11 years apart. As Lee Scratch Perry once said; Music is immortal.

Balearic Classic

Me and the Misses had the pleasure of going to Spectrum at Heaven in London. It was a Monday night back in 1988. We were taken there by Michael Lawless, a Brummie friend living in London. It changed our lives!

This was one of the big tunes of that era, but I couldn’t get my hands on a copy, until a friend, Carol Horseman, kindly lent me her copy….I think it’s about time I gave it back. Carol, I’ll be over this week with record in hand.

‘Why’ by Carly Simon (Mirage Records Inc. 1982) Produced, Arranged and Conducted by Nile Rogers and Bernard Edwards for the Chic Organisation.

Download Here.

Terry Farley writes about the opening of Spectrum


Italo House Choon #1.

‘I’m Gonna Love You’ by Jestofunk (Rec In Pause/Irma 1991)

Download Here.

1991 and 92 was a big time for Italo House. You couldn’t go into a record shop without being offered the latest releases out of Italy. Every club in the land, worth their salt, was dropping Italo House. And clubland was a better place for it, as far as I’m concerned.

Let me know your favourite Italo House Music tune and if I have it in my collection, I’ll post it up on this blog.