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The Hyman Archive

I’ve not long climbed out of a deep dark pit – one reason why there’s been a distincted lack of posts – which I’ll go into a little bit more detail later.

I first read about The Hyman Archive here, but since then it’s come on quite a bit…

I’ve always loved a magazine. The above film reminds me of when I was 10 years old standing on the front door step, waiting in anticipation for the postman to deliver the monthly Young Ornithologist Club magazine and if my memory serves me correctly, it was called Bird Life, which I’d subscribed to. I love the fact that I can pick a mag up, say in my dentists waiting room and casually flick through it, stopping at an article, or photo/image that catches my eye, to settling down on the sofa reading the whole damn thing from front to back and back again.

The DJ in me said I should include this band, a favourite of mine from the late 70’s early 8os, in this post. A very poignant track too, considering the weather the UK is experiencing at the moment. I also like this tracks Northern Soul sensibility.


About The Weather by Magazine (Virgin Records 1981)

Download About The Weather (for a short period only)

Magazine’s first single, Shot By Both Sides, would have to be one of my desert island discs.


Everybody Street Documentary



Disc(sn)o(w) Ball


Weirdness Increased

Whilst taking this photo through my office/record room window tonight….…and listening to this….

(Free School Out of Bounds Promo Mix).

…an email lands from Steve Alcock of Free School inviting me onto their regular podcast. Of course, I said yes. Watch this space for more info.

Whilst we are on the subject of Free School, you should check out their debut album. It’s very nice!

Go Buy

My Only Problem With The Olympics….


Every Cloud……

A photo I took from my back garden the other day.

To think we were in the middle of riots this time last year, and now the feel good factor that’s running through the country is just wonderful. Proud to be British!

A wonderful album I’ve pulled out the rack and listening to again…

…and sky related…

Against The Sky by Harold Budd and Brian Eno from the album The Pearl (2005 Virgin Records)

Download Against The Sky (for a limited period only)

A(nother) Brian Nordhoff recommendation.

Lunar Eclipse

My attempt at taking a few photos of the lunar eclipse whilst in Sicily. I had difficulty manually focusing and achieving a sharp image (could do with a few tips) – all this automatic ting and ting makes ya lazy!


Marquee Moon by Television (Electra 1977)


Tune Of The Day

Ripped this album from my twin sister, so haven’t got the artwork. An album worth checkin.

Standout track for me at the moment…

1960 What? by Gregory Porter from Water (Motema Music 2010)

Rumour has it this dude is comin to Kings Heath


Gregory Porter

Usual Transmission Will Be Resumed ASAP….

I’ve been away, which is the reason for the lack of posts, but now I’m having computer nightmares. I’m hoping to be up to full speed shortly.
In the mean time, here’s a photo I took, with my iPhone, of a familiar face hanging in the reception of a hotel, we stayed at, in Catania Sicily. Any idea who it might be?


Creative Type? Read On…

Whilst surfing the WWW this morning, I stumbled upon this very inspiring post. The dude makes a lot of sense.

I was listening to this….

The stand-out track for me at the moment…

‘Separator’ by Radiohead from The Kings Of Limbs album (Ticker Tape 2011)