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Tunes of the Week


Video does nothing for me, but love the track…

Why have I ignored this band for so long?…

I’ve not looked forward to seeing a band so much for such a long time…

Do not watch this next video if you are easily offended…

Great crack, I mean track!



Tunes of the Day


Tune Of The Day

Whilst fitting these….

Windows Hampton in Arden

Cutting Out Old Windows

New Window Partly Finished and Cutting-out Old Window.

New Window Partly Finished and Cutting Out Second Old Window.

Completed Instulation. Double Glazed with Leaded Light Glass.

Completed Instulation. Double Glazed with Leaded Light Glass.

Completed Job.

Completed Job. Three Ground Floor Windows.

….We heard this….



Tune of the Day

Love this dude’s voice!

Posted before about John Grant.

Warning: There are few profanities in the above video.

Tune of the Day

Tune of the Day

Choon #16

I’ve started diggin’ through the Drum & Bass section of my record collection, which I’m going to thin-out and sell on Discogs. Check what I’m selling and keep checkin’ back, as I’ll be putting a few gems up there.

Here’s a great D&B tune…(erm….thanks to Mr Regan for correcting me on my music genres….of course I knew it was a 2 Step tune! Doh!)¬†with a heavy dose of Reggae – just the way I like ’em!

Everyday is a Gunshot by Anthony Johnson & Charjan (White Label 2000)

Download Here (for a limited period only)

Tune Of The Day

I’m Bored by Iggy Pop (Arista 1979)

Download I’m Bored¬†(for a limited period only)