Carpentry Joinery

A selection of finished jobs (some with before shots)…

Barnt Green Bay Window….

Erdington Stairs….

Ripping-out stud wall to make way for new handrail etc.

The stairway to hell.

Hell don’t look so bad from here.

The original stairs had been butchered, so we had to adapt the newel-post-base to fit onto stair string.

Detail of handrail meeting newel post.

We replaced a dodgy piece of Georgian Cast glass, which was acting as a sky-light, for this beautiful Velux roof-light.

Stairway to heaven.

Dorridge Hallway….

All the Skirtings, Architraves, Dado Rails and Doors are all purpose made.

Purpose Made Front Entrance Combination Frame and Door with Sand Blasted Glass.

How it used to look.

Kings Heath Kitchen…

Before. View from dining room to kitchen

Demolition. View from dining room to kitchen…

Looking better already….

Completed. Kitchen and Diner

Before. Back Wall of Kitchen.

Completed. Kitchen with New Window

Before. A Blank Canvas…

During. Making Opening for New Sash Window

Completed. Let There Be Light!

Before. Casement Window in a Victorian House? I Don’t Think So!

Before. Internal View of Casement Window…Yuk!

Now, Doesn’t That Look Better?

After. Internal View of New Sash Window – Looks Like Its Always Been There.

Kings Heath front door & frame…

Before we started. Note how the frame has all distorted due to a little bit of subsidence

The finished installation.

Nice and tidy!

We removed the original stained glass panels, renovated and converted them to triple glazed units.

Selly Park door & frame…

Softwood Door & Frame with Double Glazed Stained Glass

Dorridge sash window….

Hardwood Sliding Sash Window (24mm double glazed units)

Kings Norton doors….

Internal Hardwood door glazed with sandblasted glass and stained glass. Also embossed grained hardboard door.

Harborne Oak floor…

Oak Floor in Bathroom

Skirting Detail and Oak Floor

Dorridge door & frame….

Old Door and Frame (softwood & single glazed)

Out With The Old And In With The New…

New Hardwood Door And Frame (24mm double glazed units)

Selly Park porch frame…

Purpose Made Softwood Frame with Customers Existing Door

Shirley stairs…

Staircase Renovation (work in progress)

Stair Renovation (work in progress)

Completed Staircase Renovation in Hemlock

Completed Staircase Renovation (landing view)

Bournville frame & door….

Purpose Made Frame with ‘Off the Shelf’ Hardwood Door


7 responses to “Carpentry Joinery

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  4. Paul Comaskey

    Really great work Mr Whittingham, well done . Is that your house ?

    • Richard Whittingham

      Hey Paul,
      Hope ya well.

      No, it’s not my house. A beautiful house to work on though.

      I’ve been wanting to talk to you via email for a while now – I’ll try and do it over the weekend.

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