Tune Of The Day

Whilst fitting these….

Windows Hampton in Arden

Cutting Out Old Windows

New Window Partly Finished and Cutting-out Old Window.

New Window Partly Finished and Cutting Out Second Old Window.

Completed Instulation. Double Glazed with Leaded Light Glass.

Completed Instulation. Double Glazed with Leaded Light Glass.

Completed Job.

Completed Job. Three Ground Floor Windows.

….We heard this….




Music Man Murray R.I.P.

Murray Gershenz, the charismatic owner of almost half a million records, has passed away aged 91.

Murray Gershenz wasn’t your average record collector. The subject of a moving documentary by Richard Parks earlier this year, Music Man Murray spent his life amassing close to 500,000 records which he kept in his two-story Los Angeles record shop, his passion and charisma capturing the imagination of record collectors and the media alike.

Unable to make ends meets and desperate to see his collection fall into safe hands, Murray put his archive – valued at almost $3million – up for sale earlier this year and in June, following publicity gained from Parks’ film, finally managed to find a buyer. A fleet of 52-foot-long trucks were employed to take the records to their new home.

As the LA Times report, Murray Gershenz passed away on Wednesday at the age of 91.

Put the kettle on and set aside twenty minutes and watch this superb documentary below:

A First Time For Everything

It’s been a lovely week…

Put one of these up, on Monday…

Blue Plaque

Don’t know why I felt so good about putting a blue plague on a wall, but it felt real good!

Blue plaques in Birmingham England.

English Heritage

Then moved on to this job…

Cedar Shingles

Fixing Cedar Shingles to the roof of a oak framed gazebo. Once again, it feels really good doing this job. I’ll add more photos when the job is complete.


Everybody Street Documentary


In An Ideal World…..

….All club soundsystems would be like this…

Posted about LCD Soundsystem before.

Posted about Soulwax before.


Earlier this year you made a print bearing the slogan “Stop! Mumford And Sons”. What’s your opinion of the band?

They are shit. They represent everything that is wrong with this country today. They are a bunch of public schoolboys pretending to be hillbillies aren’t they? I think that’s quite funny, Etonians taking on bluegrass or Woody Guthrie or whatever they imagine they are doing – the sons of investment bankers taking a genre that was explicitly about poverty and making it into a multi-million pound phenomena. This whole country is slowly being Mumfordised. Even places like Margate now have a Mumford Quarter that sells lattes, vintage posters and rustic lunches. Everything presented as ‘real’ and ‘authentic’- real ale, hand cut chips – gastro pubs stuffed with broken furniture on stripped wooden floors – everything ‘hand reared’ and localised – you can no longer buy mussels, cod, pork or crab in these pubs – only Shetland Isle Mussels, Peterhead Cod, Suffolk Pork and Dorset Crab. There is an overwhelming folksy, middle class, twee faux-local attitude that means many urban areas are rebranding themselves as ‘villages’: people in cities lusting after allotments, going to farmer’s markets in their wellies – the Mumfords are the house band for this desire to create the rural idyll in cities. Bring back The Wurzels, I say. The Wurzels were much better than Mumford & Sons.


Scott King

Tune of the Day

Love this dude’s voice!

Posted before about John Grant.

Warning: There are few profanities in the above video.

Mr. Scruff X DJ Dick

Back behind the Ones & Twos with the lovely Mr. Scruff…


You’ll most likely here this..

Go B(ang)ack 2 The Wild

Can anyone else hear the similarities?

Dinosaur L

Go Bang! #5 by Dinosaur L (Sleeping Bag Records 1982)

A classic Arthur Russell production, mixed by  Francois K.

I like the Basement Jaxx track, by the way.

On The One’s & Two’s


Kenny Dope. Rainbow. Leftfoot