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Mala in Brum

I DJ’d a couple of Fridays ago…

DJ Dick

At this….


And dropped these two gems….


Fade Away by Junior Byles (Well Charged 1975)

Download Fade Away (for a limited period only)


By His Deeds by VC (Dig Dis Records 2000)

Download By His Deeds (for a limited period only)

Was I sending out a message from the 1’s & 2’s?

Photo of me by Adam Regan

I really liked what Mala played throughout the night.


In An Ideal World…..

….All club soundsystems would be like this…

Posted about LCD Soundsystem before.

Posted about Soulwax before.

Tune Of The Day

I’m Bored by Iggy Pop (Arista 1979)

Download I’m Bored (for a limited period only)

R.I.P. Donna Summer

Disco legend Donna Summer died this morning in Florida at the age of 63. The singer had been battling cancer for some time.

We all know the classics, but I have a particular liking for this collaboration with John Barry, who I’ve mentioned before on this blog.

Down Deep Inside (Theme From The Deep) by Donna Summer (Casablanca Records 1977)

Download Down Deep Inside (Theme From The Deep) (for a limited period only)

Theme From The Deep (Instrumental) by John Barry (Casablanca Records 1977)

Download Theme From The Deep (Instrumental) (for a limited period only)

And this is one of my all time favourite songs….CHOON!…

State Of Independence by Donna Summer (WEA Records 1982)

Download State Of Independence (for a limited period only)

Donna Summer’s disco was as radical as punk

Northern Soul

I’m liking the look of this….

Northern Soul : A Film


Random Selection

I’ve been trying to think of a quicker way to digitize my record collection, and also post the killas on this blog, but instead of wading through shelves and boxes to find ’em, I’ve decided to blindly pick out a record/CD,and no matter what it is, or it’s condition, digitize it and share it with you. So, here is the first Random Selection….

Begger Round Town by Gladstone and the Ducanes (Mid-Night 1975)

Download Here (for a limited period)

Don’t know much about this artist and can’t find much on t’internet. If you have any info please share it.

The Lord Is A Busy Man

After listening to another interview with Brian Eno (the dude must have something to sell) on his love of Gospel music, I just had to dig deep and find this 7″ single to share with y’all, because every time I come across it, and drop the needle on dem dare grooves, it puts a  big smile on my face. And we could all do with a bit of that in these troubled times.

The Lord Is A Busy Man by Nan Wynn (RCA Victor 1955)

Download Here.

Nan Wynn 

Lunar Eclipse

My attempt at taking a few photos of the lunar eclipse whilst in Sicily. I had difficulty manually focusing and achieving a sharp image (could do with a few tips) – all this automatic ting and ting makes ya lazy!


Marquee Moon by Television (Electra 1977)


Radio Tune Of The Day

The trusty ‘Builders’ DAB radio never fails to please – just love the fact that one can find out instantly what is being played…..

I’ve been lovin ‘Twice’ (Aaron Jerome Remix) by Little Dragon for sometime now, and now I’ve heard Ritual Union, I think an album purchase is in order.

Little Dragon.

Mutant Disco

After hearing this on the radio the other day…..

…the Ze Records sound of the early 80s came to mind….

Sleeve Notes…

Bustin’ Out by Material (Ze/Island Records 1981)

Download Here.

Deputy Of Love by Don Armando’s Second Avenue Rhumba Band (Ze/Island Records 1979)

Download Here.

Ze Records