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R.I.P. Frankie Knuckles

Saddened to hear the passing of the Godfather of House.


Talking with Myself (Frankie Knuckles Mix) by Electribe 101 (Hip-Notic Records 1990)


Italo House Choon #5

Big, big tune at Breathless….

Soft House Company

What You Need… by Soft House Company (Irma Records 1990)

Download What You Need… (For a limited period only)

A First Time For Everything

It’s been a lovely week…

Put one of these up, on Monday…

Blue Plaque

Don’t know why I felt so good about putting a blue plague on a wall, but it felt real good!

Blue plaques in Birmingham England.

English Heritage

Then moved on to this job…

Cedar Shingles

Fixing Cedar Shingles to the roof of a oak framed gazebo. Once again, it feels really good doing this job. I’ll add more photos when the job is complete.


Mr. Scruff X DJ Dick

Back behind the Ones & Twos with the lovely Mr. Scruff…


You’ll most likely here this..

On The One’s & Two’s


Kenny Dope. Rainbow. Leftfoot

Made In Bur-min-ham In-Gland (Made In Birmingham England)

Thanks to Adam Jones for the heads up.

Free School X Yours Truly

I mentioned a few posts back that I’d been invited onto Free School’s podcast. Well, here it is. It was great fun and a real joy to talk about the past and of course, music, which I’ve always loved sharing with people, be it in my house, behind the decks in a club….or talking to two very nice men with a microphone. I’m hoping to do it again sometime, and Adam Regan may get a look in too – watch this space.

I’m afraid you’ll have to cut and paste the link below. I’ve tried to embed the player, and paste a link,  but to no avail. Thanks Steve for trying too.


I talked about Original Rockers first live show, but as always with my addled brain I couldn’t remember too much about it, only that it was in London. Well, my old pal Andy Jones got in touch and this is what he said…

Alright Dick,

I’ve just had a listen to your interview by Free school. Bought back some good memories. I noticed you were struggling to remember the details of the first ‘Original Rockers Hi-Fi’ gig. I just so happen to have the flyer for it on my notice board in the kitchen. I’ll scan it and send it to you when I’ve got my computer set up again. I’m about to do a bit of painting so I’ve disconnected it all.

The night was called ‘Dubology’ and it was promoted as your first ever live UK appearance. ‘Bassline selection’ was courtesy of Danny Briotet of Renegade Soundwave and Launch DAT. The venue was the Vox in Brixton and the date was Thursday 28th July 1994. I would have been 32. Crikey.

Hope you’re well. See you again soon I hope.


I also remember that it was promoted by John Pell (where are you now, John?), who also booked us to play in New Zealand – now there’s another story!


It’s taken me a while to post about this excellent music, but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s worth the wait.

Birmingham via Hull – Adam Regan and Steve Cobby, under the name Chieftain, have come up with a blinding four track EP, that takes it’s inspiration from early 90’s house music right up to the present day Slo-mo House sound.

Go buy

Leftfoot X Mr. Scruff

We booked Mr. Carthy many times to play at Leftfoot, and they were all as enjoyable as this one….

Mr. Scruff Wiki

The home of Scruff’s releases, Ninja Tune, has always had a place in my heart too.

My First Reggae Record

I was 16 years old when I first heard this record, and I’d not heard Reggae like it before. Of course I’d heard Bob Marley on the radio, and there was one Reggae record in our house – Clint Eastwood by The Upsetters – which my eldest brother owned, due to the fact that he’d become a Skinhead, in the late 60s, and I think it was a bit of a Skinhead anthem. Anyway, in 1977 I discovered Punk and a few of the elder pupils at my school were into the scene and were frequenting a club called Barbarellas. I left school in late 77 and  straight into a job and my own disposable income, but had to squeeze a few quid out of my mom so that I could buy a Punk outfit – a pair of very tight drain-pipe jeans, a black and white striped T-shirt and a pair of clear plastic sandals. I felt the bees knees, but I didn’t know if I’d get the thumbs-up from the ‘elders’, but I was soon to find out. The older Punks used to meet, on a Friday night, at a pub called the Buccaneer, I’m not sure what it’s called now, and was situated at the entrance of Elmdon Airport (now Birmingham International Airport).  I walked from my parents house to the pub, which was about 6 miles, nervously opened the pub door and stepped in. Fortunately I was greeted with open arms and accepted into the fold. I was given a few tips about how to get across town without getting my head kicked in, knocked back a pint of Mild, and then jumped on the bus to town. What a buzz this all was – a 16 year old breaking the law and discovering a scene that opened my eyes to a whole new world, which set me on a path to a career as a DJ and a maker of music.

Cokane In My Brain by Dillinger (Black Swan/Island Records 1976)

Download Cokane In My Brain (for a limited period only)

The building the Buccaneer was situated in.


A nice post on Barbs.