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Italo House Tune #6 and A Deep Dark Pit

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve not long climbed out of a long illness – Boxing Day ’til the end of January. I’ve never been so ill for so long. It all started with a cold, but got progressively worse, to the point were I couldn’t even drink water. I lost interest in everything and found it very hard to get out of bed – real weird head-messing stuff.  I’m not one for going to the doctors, and would rather try to cure myself, but I succumbed, unfortunately. The doctor couldn’t explain the problem, but diagnosed Bronchitis. As Steve Cobby said – ‘Proper Bucking Broncho’ (try saying that when you’ve had a few).  It took until the end of February to feel 100%, so Christmas/New Year passed me by. I was also booked to DJ at this…

HSOB 2013

but I had to cancel, which was a bummer, as I was really looking forward to playing with a load of Brummie DJ pals and spinning a Breathless/Snobs set, with a few fresh platters thrown in. I started digging-in-the-crates early December, so that I was sort of prepared with a loose set of gems, and whilst diggin’ I unearthed this great moody Italo House track, which still hits the mark for me….


Indeep (New Remix) by Voice Of The Underground (Disco Magic 1992)

Download Indeep (New Remix) (for a limited period only)


Italo House Choon #5

Big, big tune at Breathless….

Soft House Company

What You Need… by Soft House Company (Irma Records 1990)

Download What You Need… (For a limited period only)

Free School X Yours Truly

I mentioned a few posts back that I’d been invited onto Free School’s podcast. Well, here it is. It was great fun and a real joy to talk about the past and of course, music, which I’ve always loved sharing with people, be it in my house, behind the decks in a club….or talking to two very nice men with a microphone. I’m hoping to do it again sometime, and Adam Regan may get a look in too – watch this space.

I’m afraid you’ll have to cut and paste the link below. I’ve tried to embed the player, and paste a link,  but to no avail. Thanks Steve for trying too.


I talked about Original Rockers first live show, but as always with my addled brain I couldn’t remember too much about it, only that it was in London. Well, my old pal Andy Jones got in touch and this is what he said…

Alright Dick,

I’ve just had a listen to your interview by Free school. Bought back some good memories. I noticed you were struggling to remember the details of the first ‘Original Rockers Hi-Fi’ gig. I just so happen to have the flyer for it on my notice board in the kitchen. I’ll scan it and send it to you when I’ve got my computer set up again. I’m about to do a bit of painting so I’ve disconnected it all.

The night was called ‘Dubology’ and it was promoted as your first ever live UK appearance. ‘Bassline selection’ was courtesy of Danny Briotet of Renegade Soundwave and Launch DAT. The venue was the Vox in Brixton and the date was Thursday 28th July 1994. I would have been 32. Crikey.

Hope you’re well. See you again soon I hope.


I also remember that it was promoted by John Pell (where are you now, John?), who also booked us to play in New Zealand – now there’s another story!

Italo House Choon #4

A big tune at Breathless?

State Of Mind (Nervous Mix) by Mephisto (Palmares Records 1992)

Download Here (for a limited period only)

Go Buy Here.

Random Selection #3

Brian “Jah Grizzly” Nordhoff put me onto this great album back in the days when he DJ’d in the back room at Breathless 90-93.

New Style by Sound Iration (from the album In Dub) (WAU! Mr Modo Records 1989)

Download Here. (for a limited period only)

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Choon #13

Always think of Prince when I hear this excellent piece of House Music..

Falling From Grace (Tony Humphries Remix) by Romanthony (Azuli Records 1993)

Download Here (for a limited period only)

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Choon #12

Just experienced my first House Music club in a very long time. Returned home and dug out this beautiful Deep House tune…

I’m Happy (After the Rave) by World Power (Cardiac Records 1991)

Download Here. (for a limited period only)

Italo House Choon #3

Venere by Omniverse (Antima Records 1991)

Download Here (for a limited period only)

There was a lot of cheese coming out of Italia around this period (my record collection can vouch for this) but certain Italian producers were more than able to hold their own and produce cuts of sublime deepness.


“Alright Richard, Only recently came across your blog which is great as i was a regular at breathless many moons ago and really cherish those times. Anyway i wondered if you would put the Rapina Brothers ‘Set Me Free’ up on your blog if you can find it? I used to love it when you dropped this tune and have never managed to find it 20 years! all the best and thanks for the memories”

Set Me Free by The Rapina Brothers (Rapina Records 1991)

Download Here (for a limited period)

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Choon #11

Carrying on with the Kenny Dope theme, here’s a classic from the Breathless days..

Ride On The Rhythm (Masters at Work Dub) by Little Louie & Marc Anthony (Atlantic 1991)

Download Here.

Masters at Work.