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Craftsman #9 (Will The Real Money Mark Please Stand Up)



A First Time For Everything

It’s been a lovely week…

Put one of these up, on Monday…

Blue Plaque

Don’t know why I felt so good about putting a blue plague on a wall, but it felt real good!

Blue plaques in Birmingham England.

English Heritage

Then moved on to this job…

Cedar Shingles

Fixing Cedar Shingles to the roof of a oak framed gazebo. Once again, it feels really good doing this job. I’ll add more photos when the job is complete.


Everybody Street Documentary


In An Ideal World…..

….All club soundsystems would be like this…

Posted about LCD Soundsystem before.

Posted about Soulwax before.

Looking Through The Window

Replaced this three sided bay window, recently, on a lovely house in Barnt Green.

Here’s the original window being removed….

Check here for the finished job.


Ashley Beedle (Craftsman #7)

Another great interview by Christopher Tubbs.

Ashley is an all round nice guy and a talent that is undeniable when it comes to dance/club music from the late 80’s to the present day. I tip my hat to you Mr. Beedle.

Stairway To Heaven

Wow, how time fly’s. Started this job in March, and was only down to renovate the staircase, but the customer decided to renovate the whole of the hallway/stairwell. We supplied and fitted a new sky-light, and replaced all the skirting and architrave. We priced for the re-plastering of the walls, but didn’t get that job,  so there was a big gap between us starting and completing, but I think it turned out well in the end….

Check the General Carpentry page for more before and after photos.

The tune coming out of the radio as we were finishing up….Choon!

Shipbuilding by Robert Wyatt (Rough Trade 1982)

Download Shipbuilding (for a limited period only)

Job Satisfaction

A job we’ve recently finished…

Check here for more images.

Still Bill

Whilst having a lie-in  this morning (doesn’t happen very often) I watched the Bill Withers documentary, Still Bill, on the BBC iplayer. If you haven’t seen it yet, then watch it! It’s an emotional and inspiring film, which brought a tear to my eye. The man is a craftsman of the highest order, and an amazing man, inside and out.

The track that got me into Bill Withers..

Grandma’s Hands (with rap) by Bill Withers from the album Bill Withers Live At Carnegie Hall (Sussex Records 1973)

Download Here (for a limited period only)

Buy it Here.


Stairway To Hell

Phew! Work, over the last few weeks, has really taken up all of my time and energy, and I haven’t had a second to think about anything else – even neglected to listen to the radio with both ears, or pop into a record shop, which is not like me at all, but anyway, I have a fresh tank of air on my back and I’m all ears!

This will soon be a stairway to heaven (yeh, I know its corny, but hey, I’m out of practice)…