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R.I.P. Junior Murvin

Sad to hear the news today of the death of one of the sweetest voices in Reggae music.

Police & Thieves


Mala in Brum

I DJ’d a couple of Fridays ago…

DJ Dick

At this….


And dropped these two gems….


Fade Away by Junior Byles (Well Charged 1975)

Download Fade Away (for a limited period only)


By His Deeds by VC (Dig Dis Records 2000)

Download By His Deeds (for a limited period only)

Was I sending out a message from the 1’s & 2’s?

Photo of me by Adam Regan

I really liked what Mala played throughout the night.

Random Selection #5

Whilst having an early spring-clean-out of my wardrobe, and having to move a couple of big storage boxes of Reggae vinyl, I thought that this would be a good opportunity to get the Random Selections back on track. Well, here’s what I pulled out. A Joe Gibbs production…

Quick Divorce

“Quick Divorce/Mek You Lie” by Barrington Levy/Lui Lepki (Joe Gibbs Music 1980)

Download Quick Divorce/Mek You Lie (for a limited period only)

Backed With (B/W)..

“G’Wan & Lef Me” by Joe Gibbs & The Professionals (Joe Gibbs Music 1980)

Download G’Wan & Lef Me (for a limited period only)


Zara McFarlane X Junior Murvin

I’m lovin’ this cover version of one of my favorite reggae tunes…

Here’s the original…

Police & Thieves by Junior Murvin (Island Records 1976)

Download Police & Thieves (for a limited period only)

I must dig out the Clash’s version and share it with you lot – watch this space. In the mean time , I was at this gig back in 78…it don’t get any better!

Choon #16

I’ve started diggin’ through the Drum & Bass section of my record collection, which I’m going to thin-out and sell on Discogs. Check what I’m selling and keep checkin’ back, as I’ll be putting a few gems up there.

Here’s a great D&B tune…(erm….thanks to Mr Regan for correcting me on my music genres….of course I knew it was a 2 Step tune! Doh!) with a heavy dose of Reggae – just the way I like ’em!

Everyday is a Gunshot by Anthony Johnson & Charjan (White Label 2000)

Download Here (for a limited period only)


We might as well embrace it, because it ain’t going away anytime soon.

On July 16th 2011 I posted about the weather and included this track….

Let The Rain Come Down by Garage Movement (Ace Beat 1989)

Download Here (for a limited period only)

In 1990 I was in the nightclub Ku, in Ibiza, and it started to rain. There was a mad rush by the staff to cover the speakers, and the DJ (can’t remember who) dropped this track…

Naked In The Rain by Blue Pearl (Big Life 1990)

Download Here (for a limited period only)

I just love this track….

In The Rain by Chosen Few (Konduko 1977)

Download In The Rain (for a limited period only)

My First Reggae Record

I was 16 years old when I first heard this record, and I’d not heard Reggae like it before. Of course I’d heard Bob Marley on the radio, and there was one Reggae record in our house – Clint Eastwood by The Upsetters – which my eldest brother owned, due to the fact that he’d become a Skinhead, in the late 60s, and I think it was a bit of a Skinhead anthem. Anyway, in 1977 I discovered Punk and a few of the elder pupils at my school were into the scene and were frequenting a club called Barbarellas. I left school in late 77 and  straight into a job and my own disposable income, but had to squeeze a few quid out of my mom so that I could buy a Punk outfit – a pair of very tight drain-pipe jeans, a black and white striped T-shirt and a pair of clear plastic sandals. I felt the bees knees, but I didn’t know if I’d get the thumbs-up from the ‘elders’, but I was soon to find out. The older Punks used to meet, on a Friday night, at a pub called the Buccaneer, I’m not sure what it’s called now, and was situated at the entrance of Elmdon Airport (now Birmingham International Airport).  I walked from my parents house to the pub, which was about 6 miles, nervously opened the pub door and stepped in. Fortunately I was greeted with open arms and accepted into the fold. I was given a few tips about how to get across town without getting my head kicked in, knocked back a pint of Mild, and then jumped on the bus to town. What a buzz this all was – a 16 year old breaking the law and discovering a scene that opened my eyes to a whole new world, which set me on a path to a career as a DJ and a maker of music.

Cokane In My Brain by Dillinger (Black Swan/Island Records 1976)

Download Cokane In My Brain (for a limited period only)

The building the Buccaneer was situated in.


A nice post on Barbs.

Smokin’ Joe R.I.P.

Joe Frazier Round 2 by Dennis Alcapone (Trojan 1989)

Download Here. (for a limited period only)

Soundtrack for Finley Quaye

Back in 1997 I was asked, by my friend Andy Boo, to put a mix together to be played on the Finley Quaye tour. Here it is, digitized from cassette, for your listening pleasure.

Vox & Dubs for Finley Mixed by DJDick (Cassette Tape 1997)

Download Here.Vox & Dubs for Finley

Random Selection

I’ve been trying to think of a quicker way to digitize my record collection, and also post the killas on this blog, but instead of wading through shelves and boxes to find ’em, I’ve decided to blindly pick out a record/CD,and no matter what it is, or it’s condition, digitize it and share it with you. So, here is the first Random Selection….

Begger Round Town by Gladstone and the Ducanes (Mid-Night 1975)

Download Here (for a limited period)

Don’t know much about this artist and can’t find much on t’internet. If you have any info please share it.