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Every Way But Loose

DJ’d at this on Friday night with my pals Adam Regan and Rhys Adams. I dropped this little beauty, which always gets a good response whenever I play it. It’s funny that when I purchased this record, I was DJ’ing at the Rum Runner playing New Romantic/Electronic music, but I always picked up on certain tracks that got played at the Disco, Funk and Soul night at the club.


Every Way But Loose (Mixed by Larry Levan) by Plunky and the Oneness of Juju (Sutra Records 1982)

Download Every Way But Loose (for a limited period only)


Made In Bur-min-ham In-Gland (Made In Birmingham England)

Thanks to Adam Jones for the heads up.

David Bowie – He Ain’t Lost It!

Update 12/1/13: As Pony Records have some kind of, “we don’t want anyone to help promote the music that we own”, filter on the above video, I thought I’d include this BBC documentary on Bowie at 50 years old. It’s an interesting insight into his creative life. As always, Alan Yentob is on the money.

David Bowie X Soul Wax

I’m not sure about some parts of this film, but absolutely love the mixing of the music. Well worth the hours viewing.

I’m DJ’ing at Only After Dark, once again, this Saturday 17th  and I’ll be spinning a few Bowie tracks, alongside some Rum Runner classics. The event sold out two weeks ago, so I’m looking forward to an enjoyable night on the ones and twos.

Free School X Yours Truly

I mentioned a few posts back that I’d been invited onto Free School’s podcast. Well, here it is. It was great fun and a real joy to talk about the past and of course, music, which I’ve always loved sharing with people, be it in my house, behind the decks in a club….or talking to two very nice men with a microphone. I’m hoping to do it again sometime, and Adam Regan may get a look in too – watch this space.

I’m afraid you’ll have to cut and paste the link below. I’ve tried to embed the player, and paste a link,  but to no avail. Thanks Steve for trying too.


I talked about Original Rockers first live show, but as always with my addled brain I couldn’t remember too much about it, only that it was in London. Well, my old pal Andy Jones got in touch and this is what he said…

Alright Dick,

I’ve just had a listen to your interview by Free school. Bought back some good memories. I noticed you were struggling to remember the details of the first ‘Original Rockers Hi-Fi’ gig. I just so happen to have the flyer for it on my notice board in the kitchen. I’ll scan it and send it to you when I’ve got my computer set up again. I’m about to do a bit of painting so I’ve disconnected it all.

The night was called ‘Dubology’ and it was promoted as your first ever live UK appearance. ‘Bassline selection’ was courtesy of Danny Briotet of Renegade Soundwave and Launch DAT. The venue was the Vox in Brixton and the date was Thursday 28th July 1994. I would have been 32. Crikey.

Hope you’re well. See you again soon I hope.


I also remember that it was promoted by John Pell (where are you now, John?), who also booked us to play in New Zealand – now there’s another story!

Love of My Life

Happy Birthday Love!

One of Tracy’s all time favourite songs…

Deputy of Love by Don Armando’s Second Avenue Rhumba Band (Ze/Island Records 1979)

Download Deputy Of Love (for a limited period only)

Posted about this track before.

Only After Dark

I’m very pleased to be asked back to DJ at OAD and I’m looking forward to another great night….


Here’s a great 80s New Wave/Synth-Pop track that was popular at the Rum Runner, which I still like the sound of today, and will more than likely get an airing tomorrow night…

Hey Little Girl by Icehouse (Chrysalis Records white label 1982)

Download Here (for a limited period only)

Disco Rough

It seems like the 80s are back…again. I DJ’d at this last Saturday, and had a ball! It’s the second time I’ve played for the Major Toms – they also performed at my surprise 50th back in June – which was a real treat. It was also great seeing so many faces from the Rum Runner days too.

One of my favourite Rum Runner/80s tunes…

Disco Rough by Mathematiques Modernes (Celluloid 1980)

Download Here (for a limited period only)

I’ll be DJ’ing at Only After Dark on November 18th with non other than  Mr Rusty Egan. Watch this space for more info.

Mutant Disco

After hearing this on the radio the other day…..

…the Ze Records sound of the early 80s came to mind….

Sleeve Notes…

Bustin’ Out by Material (Ze/Island Records 1981)

Download Here.

Deputy Of Love by Don Armando’s Second Avenue Rhumba Band (Ze/Island Records 1979)

Download Here.

Ze Records


5 Minutes of Fame

Whilst away in Sicily, this was aired on BBC One. The Rum Runner was where my DJ career started 31 years ago.

A big tune at the Rum Runner…

No G.D.M. by Gina X Performance (EMI 1979)

Download Here

Gina X Performance